Company KILLS The Old MLM Model
Delivering paying customers to new reps through a revolutionary system.



It's a reality when you download and use the mobile APP.

The CEO knows if you can generate success quickly in the business your chance to win long term goes up dramatically.

What other company does this? 


This is a game changer!

What do you think would happen if you helped 7 people get started and they all got customers for doing the simple requirements?

That would be $2,100 in commissions just for helping 7 people.

  • BONUS #1 LEAD ROTATOR Our team websites will rank long term driving hundreds if not thousands of leads each month AND you will be one of the first in line in our team rotator.
  • BONUS #2 CUSTOMER ROTATOR Our team websites will also generate customers for those who become founders.
  •  BONUS #3 LEAD PAGE MADE AND CUSTOMIZED FOR YOU! You'll receive a customized capture page for your marketing. This is on top of the team pages!
  • BONUS #4 NEW MARKETS INNER CIRCLE Join me as I travel to international markets to build the business. If you can't make the trips you still get to leverage the meetings and strategies we set up.
  •  BONUS #5 TOP LEAD SOURCES I’ll disclose my private list of lead resources I’m using so you can do the same and exactly how I’m doing it.
  •  BONUS #6 TOP LIST BUILDING STRATEGY I’ll give you my email newsletter strategy A to Z how to setup and monetize. Includes the exact ad, copy, and mechanics to automate along with expectations on ad spend.
  •  BONUS #7 TOP LIKE CAMPAIGN FOR MORE FOLLOWERS I'll give you my facebook LIKE campaign strategy. A to Z how to setup which includes the exact ad, copy, and spend.
  •  BONUS #8 PRIVATE FOUNDERS FACEBOOK COMMUNITY Learn from other leaders building in the group and gain access to my secret strategies. I'll be doing special live stream trainings for the founders each month.
  •  BONUS #9 SPECIAL DISCOUNT PRICING ON ALL TEAM EVENTS AND SWAG As we hold events and masterminds each year you’ll receive a 20% discount on all events along with all team apparel. Team Synergy will be the most talked about and desired apparel in Network Marketing.
  • You’ll get special “Founder” Apparel limited to only the founders.
  •  BONUS #11 FOUNDERS RECEPTION MASTERMIND AT THE COMPANY EVENTS At every corporate event we will host a founders mastermind for 1 day. This will be a time to connect, game plan, and apply new strategies.
FAQ- Commonly Asked Questions
Q: How hard is it?
A: Can you download a mobile APP? Then you can do this business. Our company has spent close to $7million on the APP to make it incredibly simple to do this business.

Q: What about retention?
A: The companies retention is one of the highest in the industry with industry numbers at 3 months. Our customers alone stick on average for 1 year and more like years when you begin to use the APP for follow up.

Q: Whats unique about the team system?
A: LONG TERM LEADS AND CUSTOMERS. No team system is going to produce customers in any other company.

It's all about staying power.

Q: How long will it take to make money?
A: We are seeing new team members making money the first day! The company pays weekly. When you sign up two customers you could be paid 30% direct commission. 

Q: After I sign up, what do I do next?
A: Download the mobile APP and you'll know EXACTLY what to do each and every day. Plus my assistant will email you next steps as well, just in case and she'll provide here contact info.

I'm here for you!

Q: How much time do I need to put in?
A: You decide, create a plan, and work the plan. Our team can help you create a custom plan. We don't have a set amount of time, but at least 5 to 10 hours a week minimum.

Q: Does the company have any proof?
A: YES! 23 independent peer reviewed studies by doctors and scientist that are all published by and on official medical related sites.

In addition to the popular ABC News Investigative report that caused the company sales to skyrocket.

Q: Why a product based company?
A: Fair question. It's quite simple, you cannot create true leverage outside of a product based company in Network Marketing.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: To become a founder its a one time purchase of $1,250 and monthly $150 to access all the bonuses. You can also upgrade within 30 days as long as you secure your spot before midnight May 31st pst.

Q: How do I enroll from my country?
A: Once you use my link on the next page, on the LifeVantage website click on the upper left corner. 

You should notice a small map icon. 

Select your market Area in the world, then select your country and you should be able to click to join after that.

1.  Join at the Platinum pack or upgrade by the deadline.
2. Become a monthly Vitality Stack member.
3. Sign up for System Pal at a Founders discount to $12.95 rather than $27 per month.
4. Download the company APP and maintain 10 in motion and go through the simple steps you are prompted to do.
5. Deadline to become a Founder is June 30th at midnight pacific.

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