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Hi, Randy Schrum here! Allow me to introduce myself. I’m a multiple business owner, husband, and father of 7. I’m a family focused entrepreneur, successful businessman, speaker, and business consultant. Along with being a mentor to entrepreneurs, executives, and men.

I’ve been fortunate to be able to close million dollar deals, invest in real estate, and travel the world in our businesses. Some of our businesses do 5 figure days while others can do up to 6 figures in single days. Needless to say we have a unique understanding of marketing and sales.

We host a podcast called “Family Economics”, be sure to subscribe.

My mission is to bring families back together through entrepreneurship, family economics, and manhood. By equipping them with the knowledge, mentorship, and truth I believe is desperately needed today.

In my down time I enjoy the outdoors including hiking, hunting, and camping.

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